Leading Medicare industry players discuss this year's AEP and what media buyers should expect.


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Isaac Rudansky

Episode 1

Isaac stopped by the Caller Meetup Live to talk about what he’s been doing over at Adventure PPC and where he thinks Google Ads are going in 2020.

Adam enalrged

Episode 2

Adam Colbert, President of Rocket 31 Digital, sat down with us to chat about how he grows his agency using PROVEN SEO techniques and the different methods he uses to grow his outsourced team on a budget.


Episode 3

To survive in the media buying space, you must start working towards building a brand name that companies can trust. We sat down with Brent Dunn of PPC Mode to discuss how to build long-term brands and acquire sustainable assets.
Adam Young

Episode 4

We caught up with Adam Young to discus guerrilla marketing and how you can go beyond your customer expectations. Adam Young is the founder and CEO of Ringba.

Episode 5

Clayton White discusses the role of lead gen in digital marketing with a special focus on U65 and the health insurance space. He is  the founder of Ringfuze, a pay per call agency management software that integrates with Ringba seamlessly.
Dave YT

Episode 6

We linked up with David Quiec to discuss how to set up Ad campaigns, manage them effectively and scale effortlessly. David is the founder of Enginefish; a performance-based marketing company focused on delivering calls and leads.

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