Fadi Agour, J.D.

Fadi, Founder & CEO of RPM: Real Performance Marketing, is an online media entrepreneur at the forefront of disrupting customer acquisition technology based in Houston, Texas. In 2015, Fadi founded Best Case Leads, based on the idea of developing a revolutionary lead generation platform which automates and optimizes performance-based marketing

Adam Young

Adam Young is the founder and CEO of Ringba, a call tracking and analytics company that is highly respected in the pay-per-call and affiliate marketing space. Adam has been in the industry for many years and you will be surprised to learn that he even started an internet company when

Adam Colbert

Adam Colbert is the founder and CEO of Rocket31, and SEO and digital services agency that is affordable and effective. Adam and his team focuses on  providing their clients with long-lasting, tangible results through effective marketing efforts. The diverse expertise and experience of their in-house team allows them to dive

David Quiec

David is the founder of Enginefish; a performance-based marketing company focused on delivering calls and leads. He has played for the US underwater hockey team and has an MBA from UC Berkeley. He is also one of the best customer acquisition marketers you will meet out there.

Clayton White

Clayton White focuses on helping companies and PPC professionals generate quality leads through digital advertising.  He is also the founder of LeadJar. Over the years, White has gained tremendous experience in online lead generation through developing and launching well-thought campaigns. He is also an expert in lead nurturing and advanced

Gene Morris

Gene Morris is a veteran media buyer, affiliate marketer, Affiliate Outreach Manager at PALO Media, and creator of the Pay Per Call Blueprint. The Pay Per Call Blueprint course provides start-to-finish training in Pay Per Call and Affiliate Marketing. We were very excited for the opportunity to gleam Pay Per

Anthony Paluzzi

Anthony Paluzzi is the founder and CEO of PALO, a leading performance-based agency focused on call marketing. Anthony heads up all strategic initiatives, project development, and overall company operations. Since starting as a solo affiliate in 2010, Anthony has grown PALO to one of the leading pay-per-call marketplaces for affiliates

Isaac Rudansky

Isaac Rudansky is the founder & CEO of Adventure Media Group, as well as the best-selling course around Google Ad buying. He is an expert in developing custom digital marketing strategies by understanding the unique psychological characteristics of his clients’ customers and how they search the web for their respective

Carlos Corona Jr

Carlos is a passionate performance marketer who loves exploring and discovering new tricks in the performance industry. His primary objective has always been to help his clients realize their full digital marketing potential.  He loves what he does and is always willing to help others grow. He is an expert


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