Many businesses in the United States and across the globe continue to focus on millennials, generation X, and generation Z without noticing that baby boomers are the major drivers of the economy. In fact, there is a reason they are usually referred to as a “marketers dream.”

If you haven’t considered this group of buyers in your target audience, you could be missing out on something precious.

However, marketing to baby boomers is different from marketing to other generations. You need to understand their needs and preferences for you to customize your campaigns to resonate with them.

Read on to learn how to target these brand loyalists and media dabblers.

Who Are Baby Boomers?

Baby boomer is a term used to refer to people born between 1946 and 1964. It means that this audience includes people aged between 58 and 76 years in 2022.

They were named baby boomers because of the increase in births after World War II during the great economic boom. These people lived through TV, the civil rights movement, various political protests, the popular Woodstock and the women’s liberation movement.

These were major events that shaped and influenced how they behave and reason. Most of them are highly competitive, self-disciplined, self-assured, resourceful, team-oriented and mentally focused.

Unlike Millennials, most baby boomers didn’t grow up with technology which means they may have a different approach to buying goods and services.

However, most of them are financially stable with plenty of disposable income and are less influenced by peers. They buy more things online than millennials, and Facebook remains their favorite social media platform.

Why Target Baby Boomers?

If you are launching a new product/service or expanding your market, you need to consider baby boomers at all costs.

This is because they represent the wealthiest generation. In fact, research shows that 35% of the US baby boomers’ population controls up to 70% of the disposable income in the country.

Why should you target baby boomers?

I guess that should be enough to convince any serious marketer to target this generation. In short, you end up losing a lot of money if you exclude them from your target audience.

Additionally, they have a lot of time to shop because most have entered retirement. You will even be surprised more to learn that they are the biggest market segment in the United States. As a matter of fact, up to 40% of the consumer market in the US is made up of baby boomers.

7 Expert Tips for Targeting Baby Boomers

So, what are some of the things you can do to reach baby boomers and convince them to buy your products or services? Here are some expert tips to get you started:

1. Align Your Advertising with the Lifestyle that Baby Boomers Want

One of the biggest mistakes marketers who target baby boomers make is customizing everything to suit an “old” population. However, most baby boomers don’t think of themselves as “old.”

So, any ad images targeting baby boomers must feel empowering and full of life. You also need to keep in mind that baby boomers are not only shopping for themselves but also their families.

Most of these people spend time shopping for gifts for their loved ones they wish to see more often. Finding a way to combine age-specific and interest-specific gift guides can be so helpful to this group of buyers who want their gifts to be fully appreciated by those close to them.

2. Ensure Your Sites Are Mobile-Friendly

Just because relatively older people struggle with technology doesn’t mean they don’t own and use the latest devices. In fact, more than 60% of Americans aged 60-69 own a smartphone. The number is even higher for those within the 50-59 age bracket, with at least 74% of those ones owning a smartphone.

With most baby boomers owning a smartphone, it is essential to ensure your sites are mobile-responsive.

Make your site mobile-friendly

Ensure you maintain consistency between your desktop and mobile websites to make it easier for baby boomers to reach you directly from their mobile devices.

Everything must be streamlined to ensure mobile device users get the best experience when they visit your site. Take care of the font size, font type, color, and clickable elements.

3. Build Trust

Surviving the great recession has left this group of buyers so cautious with money. They don’t make buying decisions based on impulses like the other generations.

Instead, they love learning about the product/service, watching videos, and reading informative blogs to gain as much information as possible.

Therefore, if you plan to market your products or services to baby boomers, make sure you provide all the information they need about your product and its benefits.

Verify the information and ensure it is accurate, relevant, and reliable; otherwise, your strategy will backfire so badly.

In the end, you must remember that the best way to sell to baby boomers is to build trust in your brands, and when that happens, you will have the most loyal customer base.

4. Make Your Conversion Path Simple and Easy-to-Follow

Although baby boomers are comfortable buying products and services online, they are still digital amateurs. Therefore, it is critical to create a simple and easy-to-follow consumer journey that appeals to them.

Your landing pages should make them “feel safe” and “stay active” and make sense with anyone with less online experience. Your site must be easy to navigate to help drive conversions. Think of bold and stand out call-to-action buttons.

Your ads and creatives targeting this group of buyers must offer quick answers to their questions and easy access to contact information.

5. Avoid Using Hashtags

Approximately 50% of baby boomers say they have never used a hashtag on any social media platform.

Although a quick post with a trendy hashtag may seem like a great idea to help you reach online users searching for that hashtag, it may not work when you are marketing towards baby boomers since most of them find hashtags confusing.

Avoid hashtags when targeting baby boomersState what you mean upfront and avoid the trendy hashtags as much as possible. If you must use a hashtag in your campaigns, keep it to one word and don’t try to put the tags in phrases.

6. Emphasize Customer Service Features to Boost Conversions

A recent survey shows that online shopping by baby boomers increased by approximately 49% in 2021 compared to 2020 in terms of money spent online.

But just because these people are shopping more online, it doesn’t mean they are completely confident or comfortable with online shopping.

Generally, business brands that prioritize convenience, safety and customer service, including an easy-to-find customer service phone number, are likely to create loyalty among baby boomers.

Publishers must embrace digital advertising models that leverage time, relevance and helpful messages to engage and convert baby boomers.

7. Dedicate Information to Improving Their Lifestyle

Lastly, when creating your marketing campaigns, put more emphasis on how your product or service will improve the baby boomers’ lifestyle.

Remember that this generation grew through television and even began to use telephones later in their lives. Even though they prefer face-to-face interactions, they also love shopping online.

Baby boomer lifestyle and generational marketingSince they have plenty of disposable income, they don’t mind spending a little bit more on luxury and comfort. Ensure your product/service appeals to their lifestyle or can improve what they currently have. That way, you increase your chances of selling to them.

Final Thought

Although each generation presents a unique set of marketing challenges, it is always good to remember that your ultimate client is a person, not some object or concept.

Therefore, you need to establish a good process that is fully people-centered. We hope these tips will help you create a framework to understand baby boomer consumer behavior, appreciate their unique traits, and ways to reach them.

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