Every social media manager out there understands that the battle against Facebook’s algorithm for reach and engagement has never been tougher. Despite the growth of other social media networks, Facebook continues to be the leader in the industry, and it is hard to ignore its 2.8 billion active users from different parts of the world.

With such a massive audience, small and big companies have made the social network an essential element of their digital marketing strategy. Yet, with even such a massive audience, sometimes, it can be pretty difficult to drive meaningful engagement on the platform.

It doesn’t mean users don’t engage on Facebook. In fact, a recent survey showed that Facebook users liked and shared content on the platform at a rate of over 4 million posts per minute. These numbers show a massive opportunity for marketers to build an engaged community via the platform.

So, what could be the issue if you have tried everything to drive engagement on your posts, but nothing seems to work? We have good news for you.

You have a secret weapon right in front of you that you can utilize to drive engagement, and it’s 100% free.

With Facebook Insights, you can grow your engagement since you will know which tactics work and which ones don’t. You will also track and measure your results promptly.

This article discusses how you can use Facebook Insights to improve your social media engagement. Ready to dive in?

Facebook Insights- A Quick Overview

Facebook’s analytics tool is referred to as Facebook Insights. The primary purpose of this tool is to help marketers measure the performance of their pages and do lots of other stuff. You can use it to track page views, reach, likes generated, and so on.

Facebook Insights helps marketers make informed decisions about their overall social media strategy and how they can improve it.

Monitoring data provided by the tool is crucial for every business because it helps you get critical information that will help you improve engagement and return on investment.

Facebook Insights

You get to learn when, how, and why people engage with your content. Tracking these interactions is crucial because it helps you discover new ways to reach your target audience, optimize conversions in new markets, identify behaviors that drive retention, and filter your audience to create targeted marketing.

It also helps you identify audience drop-off, improve your content and improve conversions with your existing audience.

Based on the intelligence you gather from Facebook Insights, you can refine your social media marketing strategy to drive engagement and conversions.

How to Use Facebook Analytics to Improve Engagement

Now that you have a basic understanding of Facebook Insights and some of the intelligence you can gather from it, let us figure out how it can help you improve engagement.

1. Know When to Post

No matter how good your social media content is, if you post it at the wrong time, your audience won’t interact with it. We understand that trying to figure out the right time to post your content can be a massive challenge, especially when you have a diverse audience.

Luckily, the Facebook Analytics tool can provide you with essential insights you need to figure out the best time to post. The tool allows you to see when most of your followers are online, which should tell you when to post.

Since the majority of engagement on any social media post occurs during the first few hours of posting, knowing the peak time when your audience is online will improve your engagement levels. Even more importantly, posting during peak hours increases the likelihood of your content reaching new audiences thanks to your fans’ engagement.

When you study your Facebook Insights and realize that there are different times of the day when the number of online followers peaks, consider posting during the different hours to see which period gets the highest engagement.

2. Track Content Performance to Fine-Tune Your Posting Strategy

Posting at the right time won’t drive engagement if your content isn’t addressing your audience’s pain points. So, it is essential to monitor the performance of your individual posts and develop a cohesive plan that drives more engagement.

Generally, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images. This shows how photography is a critical aspect to your social media marketing strategy. Research has also shown that Facebook posts with images see up to 2.5X more engagement than those without images.

Track performance

While it is clear that good photos are key to driving social media engagement, they are only part of a bigger story. You should also pay close attention to links, call-to-actions, videos, and text-only status updates.

The key to success is finding the right mix for your target audience to keep them engaged. Facebook Insights still gives you an incredible way to visualize the performance of your individual posts and draw conclusions.

You can always access your post stats through the “Posts” or “Overview” tab. You can filter the posts by reach, impressions, post clicks, post reactions, engagement rate, post shares, and so on.

3. Refined Targeting

Combining Facebook’s Insights and targeting features can play a critical role in helping your messages reach the right audience, which is critical to driving engagement.

Facebook’s Insights allow you to break down your audience by gender, age, interests, geographic location, and much more.

Most importantly, it shows which of these groups has been most engaged with your content over a specific period.

4. Use Video Metrics to Determine the Best Ways to Encourage Engagement

Research shows that video posts receive up to 135% greater organic reach than plain-text and photo posts. That is a pretty powerful tool you can use to drive engagement on your social media posts.

Post a few video posts and use Facebook Insights to monitor their performance metrics. Use the data gathered to determine what your followers are looking for in the video content and what you can create to keep them hooked to your page.

With consistent posting, you will soon start to have viral videos that drive engagement and push your brand to reach new audiences.

5. Content Is Still King

No matter what you do, the content you post on Facebook will determine your success or failure. But the big question is; how can you know which content is having a greater impact on your target audience and marketing campaigns? Again, Facebook’s Insights is your go-to tool for this information.

Generally, there are certain types of posts that tend to drive more engagement than others. For instance, posts that feature high-quality photographs and videos or ask questions perform better.

Content is king

Posts that promote contests also perform better than the typical short text-only posts. However, you need to remember that these rules aren’t set in stone.

Your fans are unique, and what may be working for others might not work for you. So, take time to understand your audience and what appeals to them.

While it is good to follow some of the expert’s content recommendations, also pay close attention to post insights provided by Facebook.

Final Thought

While many factors affect your Facebook engagement, leveraging Facebook Insights can help you improve some areas that can hugely impact your results.

By using the data gathered to adapt your posting strategy and content, you will be better equipped to drive meaningful interactions with your audience.